Two Duets with Violins

John Blow (1649-1708)

for soprano (d'-g''), bass (D-e'), two violins and continuo

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  • Septimius and Acme
  • Go Perjur’d Man

These two duets appear in Amphion Anglicus, i (1700). The first, Septimius and Acme, has two verses, each with a brief instrumental introduction, for the voices, with little or no participation by the violins. These are each followed by a lively chorus in triple time with the violins providing a rich harmonic texture. The subject is pastoral love, optimistic and lyrical. The second song, Go Perjur’d Man, is in two parts each with repeats, and written full throughout. The tone is of bitter recrimination, and the music matches this with energetic and dissonant writing.