Cesare Morelli

Cesare Morelli joined the household of Samuel Pepys in 1675 and was with him as a skilled singer and guitarist until he left England in 1682. During this time he composed many songs for Pepys who sang bass.

Mor 1

Eight Songs for Samuel Pepys

Light, Grave and Sacred

Edited by Dionysios Kyropoulos

for bass and guitar

Price: £ 12.80

with a transcription of the guitar chords

 The eight songs in the present anthology come from the MS 2591 held in the Pepys Library, at Magdalene College, Cambridge. The manuscript is titled Songs & other Compositions Light, Grave, & Sacred, for a Single Voice. Adjusted to the particular Compass of mine; With a Thorough-Base on ye Ghitarr by Cesare Morelli and is bound with the inscription ‘MVSIC 1693’ on the cover: this appears to be the binding date of the book, for the compositions date from around 1680, with Morelli permanently leaving England in 1682.

 Light - 1. Beauty retire -2. Du bruit et des facheux -3. Amanti fuggite

Grave - 4. The world’s a Bubble -5. It is decreed - 6. To be or not to be

Sacred - 7. The Benediction - 8. The words of the Preacher





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