Giovanni Legrenzi (c1626-1690)

Giovanni Legrenzi was important as a composer of operas, of which most were produced for the Venice opera houses. His most esteemed work , Il Giustino, was however also performed in eight other cities in the period 1683 -97. After Legrenzi’s appointment as maestro di capella at San Marco in 1685, he returned mainly to church music, producing oratorios, a mass, motets and psalm settings, some employing large forces. Earlier in his career, he published several collections of instrumental music, and is credited with developing the form of the sonata in a way which influenced later composers such as Torelli, Vivaldi and even Bach.

Leg 1 Three Cantatas for solo Bass
Leg 2 A Cantata and 2 Canzonettas
Leg 3 Two Cantatas from the Munich MS
Leg 4 Che non fa, che non può

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