Four Duets for Sopranos (d'-a'') with Lute and Viol

being the second part of A Booke of Ayres with a Triplicitie of Musicke (1606)

John Bartlet (fl.1606-1610)

as in title

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These songs with lute and viol were published in 1606 by John Browne as part of a book of songs, with the title page A/BOOKE/ OF AYRES/ With a Triplicitie of/ Musicke,/ WHEREOF THE FIRST/Part is for the Lute or Orpharion, /and the Violde Gambo, and 4. Partes/ to sing, The second part is for 2 trebles to sing/ to the Lute and Viole, the third part is for/the Lute and one Voyce, and the/ Viole de Gambo./Composde by IOHN BARTLET/ Gentleman and Practitioner in this Arte.

For those occasions when a lute is not available, a score for voices with a keyboard arrangement of the lute and viol parts is provided. It is not advocated to use this for performance, but it may prove a help for the singers in preparing the songs for performance. For the singers a score for the voices with lute tablature is provided, and a separate basso part for viol is included.