Three Songs with Lute and Viol for Soprano and a Bass ad lib.

being the third part of A Booke of Ayres with a Triplicitie of Musicke (1606)

John Bartlet (fl.1606-1610)

with an arrangement for keyboard accompaniment

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These songs with lute and viol were published in 1606 by John Browne as the third and final part of a book of songs, with the title page A/ BOOKE/ OF AYRES/ With a Triplicitie of/Musicke,/ WHEREOF THE FIRST/Part is for the Lute or Orpharion, /and theViolde Gambo, and 4. Partes/ to sing, The second part is for 2 trebles to sing/to the Lute and Viole, the third part is for/the Lute and one Voyce, and the/ Viole de Gambo./Composde by IOHN BARTLET/ Gentleman and Practitioner in this Arte.

The songs in this edition are thus the third part of this “Triplicitie of Musicke” . They are numbered in sequence as XIX, XX and XXI.

Although the title page describes them as being for ‘a Voyce’, the bass line provided for the viol to play is also texted, implying that if it is wished, the songs may be performed as duets for soprano (canto) and bass (basso). Accordingly, separate scores for the soprano with lute, and for the bass with lute are provided. A separate basso part for viol, is included.