Fuori di sua capanna; Sinfonia a Flauto solo

Jakob Greber (?-1731)

cantata for alto (a'-e''), recorder and bc; sinfonia for recorder and bc

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The cantata, Fuori di sua capanna is a simple pastoral scene of the unrequited love of the shepherd Fileno for the Nymph Lycorias. It has the structure Recit.-Aria-Recit.-Aria typical of an Italian cantata of the beginning of the 18th century.

The Sinfonia for recorder is in five sections with various time signatures. The work opens with an introduction in common time, followed by a fast movement in duple time. The final two sections in triple time and 6/8 respectively are dance like in character, with repeated sections A-A-B-B. These are preceded by an Aria movement in 3/2 time. This delightful work deserves to be better known.