Six Short Motets

George Jeffreys (c1610-1685)

Editor: Edited by Derek Harrison

for two tenors (d-g') and continuo

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  • Timor et tremor
  • Audivi vocem
  • Si diligitis me
  • Sive vigilem
  • Erit Gloria Domini
  • Domine Deus

The Six Short Motets in this edition are taken from a series of pieces headed ‘Mottects’. They could well have served as anthems in an act of public worship, or as a contribution to private devotions in a normal setting such as that of the royal court, or an aristocratic house. All show the influence of the new Italian style which Jeffreys admired – he made manuscript copies of over one hundred sacred works by Carissimi, Grandi, Reggio and others, contained in BM Add MS 31479, as well as of a quantity of secular Italian music, to be found in Christ Church Oxford, MS 787-80.