Twenty-one Lute Songs or Duets Vol I: Nos 1-7

Robert Jones

for soprano, bass, lute and viol, with an arrangement for keyboard accompaniment;Second edition with part for lyra viol

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  • Love wing’d my hopes,
  • My love bound me with a kisse
  • Oh how my thoughts do beate mee
  • Dreames and Imaginations
  • My thought this other night
  • Whoso is tied must needs be bound
  • Fie fie, what a coile is heere

Each song is set out for a Cantus and lute accompaniment, a separate part for the Bassus with the text underlaid, and a part for the tablature bass. The songs were thus clearly intended, when the opportunity presented itself, to be sung as duets for soprano and bass voices, with either the lute alone, or with lute and lyra viol. The intention of the present edition is to offer all twenty-one songs in a form in which it is easy and practical to perform them either as solo songs, or as duets, accompanied by the lute, with or without a bass viol.