Three Lute Songs

from A Musicall Dreame

Robert Jones

for voice (d’-g’’), lute and viol with an arrangement for keyboard accompaniment

Comes with: Voice and keyboard; Voice and lute; part for Viol

Ref. no Jon 4 (in 'cantatas')                cover page      To order:     

  • 1. In Sherwood livde stout Robin Hood;
  • 2. Ite, caldi sospiri;
  • 3. S’Amor non è ?

The surprise feature of this collection, and of the Fourth Book of Ayres, is the setting of two ”Italian Ayres”. The texts of these songs are from Petrarch, and are in fact sonnets. The Petrarchan sonnet like the English, consists of 14 lines, but is composed of two quatrains and a sestet. Jones has set only the first quatrain in “Ite caldi sospiri”and the two quatrains in “S’Amor non è”.(The remaining lines of the texts are given in an appendix.)

The exquisite setting of “Ite caldi sospiri” leads one to regret that only the one quatrain is set, and the singer may be tempted to underlay the second quatrain!