Tircis et Climene


Michel Pignolet de Montéclair (c1667-1737)

for soprano (e'-g''#), bass (A-e'), violin/flute and bc

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Tircis et Climene is the sixth cantata in the third volume which is titled CANTATES/ A UNE ET DEUX VOIX/ AVEC SIMPHONIE./ Composées/ Par MR . Monteclair./ TROISIEME LIVRE/ qui contient huit Cantates Francoises,/ et une Cantate Italienne./ etc.

Of the cantatas in this volume, five are set with obbligato instruments, and most contain solo passages for the viol. Tircis et Climene is a simple pastoral piece, and contains none of the obvious dramatic or operatic effects that other works in this volume show; for example the sommeil in La Bergere, or the descent of Jupiter in Europpe. According to the contents page, the two duets and the Air Languissantes flammes are accompanied by a flute or violin; a violin is specified for the Airs Icy le soleil, and La sombre tristesse, but these are equally playable on the flute.

The shepherd and the shepherdess sing of the simple arcadian life they lead, but Tircis is troubled by love, which makes him sad and languorous. Climene on the other hand is cheerful and laughs a lot; she upbraids Tircis, who promises to love more as she wishes. Together, they bid imaginary cares depart, and welcome the pleasures of love.