Ariane et Bachus


Michel Pignolet de Montéclair (c1667-1737)

for soprano (d'-g''#), flute/violin and bc

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Like the cantata Tircis et Climene, Ariane et Bachus is set “avec une Flute ou un Violon”; in practice each instrument is assigned two of the airs. After an introductory recitative, Ariadne’s lament ‘Plus cruel que le Minotaure’ follows. A little symphony for solo viol and keyboard introduces an ariette accompanied by the viol. This leads into the air ‘Sur ces bords écartés’, which heralds the descent of Bacchus. This is set without continuo, with the flute as the obbligato instrument, while the violin doubles the voice. Bacchus offers Ariadne elevation to immortal status as a recompense for the loss of her faithless lover.

The cantata finishes with an air, in which, in effect, ladies disappointed in love are exhorted, with help from Bacchus, to drown their sorrows.