Five Cantatas with Recorder

Johann Christoph Pepusch (1667-1752)

for soprano/tenor (c'-a''), recorder, and bc

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  • Corydon
  • Love frowns in beateous Myra's Eyes
  • Cleora sat beneath a shade
  • When Love's soft passion
  • Menalcas once the gayest Swain

These five English cantatas are elegant and entertaining pieces; the characters Corydon, Menalcas , Thyrsis, from Virgil's Georgics are joined by nymphs and shepherds from the English madrigal tradition. While all the cantatas can be sung by a soprano, No 2, Love frowns in beauteous Myra's eyes, and No 4, When Love's soft passion would also be appropriate for a tenor, because of the 'persona' of the singer.