In te Domine speravi

(Psalm 31)

Giovanni Antonio Rigatti (1615-1649)

Editor: Edited by Simon Hanks

for two sopranos (d'-e''), bass (G-e'b) & organ continuo

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The present work, a setting of the first six verses of Psalm 31, is based on a set of manuscript parts in the Düben Collection at the University of Uppsala. This collection, assembled mainly by Gustav Düben the elder (1628-90), includes around 2,300 manuscripts from the 17th and early 18th centuries. Anders Düben and his son Gustav and his sons Gustav and Anders all held the post of Hofkapellmeister at the Royal Swedish Court from 1640 to around 1726. The collection is thought to represent what remains of the music library from the Swedish Royal Court of this period.