Andate, o miei sospiri

Cantata a Voce sola con 2 obuè

Domenico Sarri

Editor: Edited by Cedric Lee

for soprano (e'-a'') 2 oboes and continuo

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The present work, Cantata a Voce sola con 2 obuè, is dated 1719, and is unusual in having oboes as obbligato instruments. This work is to be found in the Library of the Royal College of Music in a bound collection of 18th century manuscripts of works by 11 composers of mainly Italian origin. We are indebted to the Librarian for his kind assistance in furnishing a copy of this work. The same collection includes the cantata Quanto dolce è quell’ardore by Francesco Mancini, which is also published by Green Man Press, ref. Man 1.

This cantata starts with a lengthy overture in two movements marked Arioso and Vivace. The voice opens with a recitative to the words “Andate o miei sospiri” which is followed by 2 da capo arias, marked respectively Amoroso and Andante, alternating with a second recitative.

This delightful work is full of lyrical, poetic expression, undergirded with quite adventurous harmonic structures.