Three Duets for Soprano

Agostino Steffani (1654-1728)

for two sopranos (d’-a’’, c’-a’’) & continuo

Comes with: three scores & part for continuo instrument

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  • 1. Cangia, cangia pensier mio cor
  • 2. Che sarà, che sarà di quel pensiero
  • 3. Parlo e rido

Steffani was much valued for his chamber duets and scherzo. Here are three which will delight sopranos looking for concert pieces. Although written for female voices, the ‘poet’ is a man, complaining about the contrariness of women.

  1. Cangia, cangia pensier mio cor, takes a slightly negative view of the lover’s chances of pain free success, due, of course, to the girl’s intransigence. Nevertheless the music is rhythmic and lively, the soprano 1 solo almost jaunty.
  2. Che sarà di quel pensier by contrast takes a rather wistful stance, hoping that the lover’s sighs will somehow travel on the breeze and reach the beloved, its long melismas suggestive of sighs.
  3. Parlo e rido starts in a different vein, the lover boasting of philandering and having a good time of it, with rhythmic jig-like music, but eventually having to face the fact that he has fallen seriously for one lady, and it is no longer a joke.