Alessandro Scarlatti (1660-1725)

Alessandro Scarlatti’s influence was immense both through his pupils (such as Hasse and Geminiani) and his son, Domenico Scarlatti (born in 1685 and later also his pupil). Alessandro (1660-1725) is of the generation that precedes Bach and Handel (who were both born in the same year as his son Domenico). His musical career was focused in Rome and Naples. He is regarded as the Father of Neapolitan opera since he was the key figure in the development of the operatic elements in particular the arias, recitatives and in the use of the orchestra. He composed 115 operas and many other works – including oratorios, Masses, madrigals, concerti grossi and chamber cantatas (of which he wrote about 600).

Bella Dama di Nome Santa
Cantata Quella pace ingrata
Three Cantatas with Recorder
Ardo, è ver, per te d'Amore
E perche non seguite, o Pastorelle
Aria: Sconsolato Rusignolo
Tra speranza e timore
Filen, mio caro
Recit & Aria: Se geloso è il mio core